Liquid Galaxy for Education, our new flagship project for 2018 first semester

Logo design by Mark Visual

With the collaboration of several students from the Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida working at the Liquid Galaxy LAB, the world wide Liquid Galaxy community through our Github channel, the partnership with Xenon Computers for the very nice Chromebooks, and some education specialist, we introduce you to our next  big project: Liquid Galaxy for Education.

The goal of the project, that at march 1st 2018 is under final details definition, is to create a compendium of software and documentation that will allow teachers from around the world to install a Liquid Galaxy at his school or any other place, with Chromebooks laptops, with focus on simplicity and with specially designed tools for teaching with this platform.

We would like to thank specially our partner Xenon Computer  (and his Commercial Director, Roberto B.) for his collaboration with the ACER Chromebooks Spin 11 that we will use on the development of the project.

The ACER Spin 11 has been choosen by his many special characteristics that will help on this project, like durability, a must in schools, power specifications, 360 degree hinge, and good cost versus quality relation. Of course the project will be able to run in many other platforms, with the specs we'll make public later.

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