Coding internships: Student Imflevi and his experience in Google Code-in 2019

 My experience with Liquid Galaxy In 2019

Hey everyone,

I’m Flevy Paul Harris,I have taken part in GCI 2019-completing tasks for an organization named Liquid Galaxy.The competition went on for 7 weeks,and I enjoyed every bit of it.I got to learn a lot of new things and also got to improve on my pre acquired skills.I was a beginner in coding and designing,but through the contest,I learnt a lot.

I had participated in GCI 2018, but only completed 3 tasks-and thus won myself a t shirt :)

After the competition had gotten over,I made up my mind that I’d complete at least 30 tasks next year.My friend Avinash,was one of the finalists of GCI 2018.He had been doing tasks for Liquid Galaxy as well.This gave me the motive and inspiration to work hard the next year.

At the beginning,I started off with just a few simple tasks,which required very little pre-requisite knowledge.Only later did I realise the huge number of designing tasks present.I aspire to be a Graphic Designer and I knew GCI was the perfect way to start building my career.I did majority of designing tasks and was also appreciated by the mentors for my work.

The moment I saw my name on the TOP 20 list, I decided to keep working hard and to give my best! The mentors were such a support system and I would like to thank all the mentors for providing me with great suggestions and the required enthusiasm throughout the contest.

As a Computer Science student,learning Linux through GCI was an amazing experience.

I also got to master Blender and Adobe Illustrator, which are very important tools for a Graphic Designer. I also love the fact that Liquid Galaxy introduced lots of interesting tasks (such as the DNSDT and Baby Yoda) which were a lot different from the regular tasks and were so much fun to do.

Some of my favourite design tasks include:

Designing the Liquid Galaxy mascot: I had lots of fun doing this task as it challenged my creativity and there was a lot of room for imagination. I started the design from scratch and was satisfied with the final render.

Creating a banner for P.E.R.A- I was excited to do this task as it included 2 of my favourite things-Design and Space.

Recreating a destroyed or forgotten historical monument-This task required research as well as the ability to observe.I started off with pictures i found online and later was able to create a pretty decent render of the El Reloj de Huejutla.

I would like to thank the Liquid Galaxy environment for providing me such an amazing workspace and for helping me throughout the contest. I would also like to congratulate the Winners, Runners Up and the Finalists for their outstanding contributions towards the community. I would love to continue contributing and will do as well :)
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