Judith Satorra, experiències d'estudiants als Laboratoris TIC del Parc Científic de Lleida


INTERNSHIP: Judith Satorra

I am Judith Satorra, Physicist, I have studied at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and I have done my degree internship at Laboratoris TIC, in Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida. I’ve always liked computer science stuff but I have never been an expert in it nor programming, but I’ve learned a lot in my stay that will be very useful.

My main task has been mostly related to Google Summer of Code projects: testing the applications and giving feedback about the test in online meetings or via email. All the projects were developed to be connected with a Liquid Galaxy so, I have also learned a lot about this software. 


Before this internship I had hardly used Ubuntu and now I’m such an expert installing it and using its terminal. This was necessary for installing Liquid Galaxy software, which I have done multiple times.

About Liquid Galaxy, Jaume (my internship mate) and I have also written a new installation manual, for newbies and by newbies. There, we explain how to install Ubuntu and the LG software in brand new computers. Furthermore, we have recompiled all the tips we’ve learned about solving any problem we have encountered in order to make this installation easier to people like us, not engaged in computer science.

Moreover, I have recorded a few videos like the one for the Crop Doc project or translating to catalan the first evaluation videos of the GSoC to make the projects more accessibles to the public. 

To finish, I just want to say that I’ve been so comfortable during my internship next to Jaume and Andreu. They were very nice from the start and we had funny as well as hard work moments during the summer we’ve been at Laboratoris TIC. 

I will continue collaborating with laboratories activities since Andreu has given me the opportunity to be part of Lleida’s Google Developers Group and Women Tech Makers.

Thank you and see you soon! :)

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