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Hello, my name is Claudia and I study the fourth year of my Degree in Computer Engineering at University of Lleida.

With Liquid Galaxy LAB students Rapolas Lisboa, Lluis Martínez,
and Andreu Ibáñez, Director TIC Laboratories Scientific Park of Lleida

As a option of my internships in companies, I choose the Liquid Galaxy Lab and it was the best decision I could make because I had the opportunity not only of seeing espectacular technologies as the Liquid Galaxy panoramic screens, a thing that I didn’t seen before and I have to remark that this laboratory is unique in Spain, but I had also the opportunity to work every day with wonderful people.

We could also organize and attend a series of very interesting events organized by the local Google Developer Group GDG Lleida, that have helped me to introduce myself into the world of computer science.

A very important part of this experience is that thanks to the help of the tutor of the practices and the fact I liked the tencology I saw, I have decided to continue here the following semester and make my Final Degree Project as a platform dedicated to help homeless people that will incorporate as an extra the Liquid Galaxy technology. The project is codenamed HAPIS, and it has his own entry in the Open Projects menu of this site, and in the Github too. Of course, the most important part of this is that, in collaboration with the Liquid Galaxy Lab we want to make it real and help those people in need into a near future.

As a conclusion of this 4 moths that I’ve been here, I want to remark that it was an incredible experience and I fully recommend it to other students that are thinking to realize some type of collaboration with this laboratories, because this is a place where you can find a diversity of things to do.

As a final part, I want to thank our tutor, Andreu, that has guide us every moment and is an incredible person with his students.
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