Project Ideas for GSoC 2024 at the Liquid Galaxy project have been published.


Project Ideas for GSoC 2024 at the Liquid Galaxy project have been published.
This year we'll have all the ideas on a Google Doc, this way we'll update as needed easily and maintain a better navigability. As noted, this is not a final document, instead is a work in progress, where mentors will continue adding his project ideas, and modifying existing ones if needed. So check it suddenly. We'll announce if there are big changes.

Remember: We are not in GSoC, no one organization is in.
The window for organizations opens on January 22, in mid-February we expect Google will announce selected orgs for this year's GSoC.

What to do now?
Read the whole document, and start thinking about your proposal.

What not do now?
Ask us about any of the projects. As those are specifically for GSoC 2024, we'll not discuss them till the Google announcement. Do not contact mentors or org admins in any way, you'll be not answered, as we're focused on other LG activities like the Flutter contest app.
But of course, you can comment publicly on the Discord server, channel #gsoc2024 

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