Coding internship: Student Sergi and his experience in Google Code-in 2019


Now, after 7 weeks of working very hard, an amazing contest has ended. I mean contest, because the experience is already growing up. I’ve been working with Liquid Galaxy, an open source organization. Its mentors helped at any time and they wanted to help you if you had any type of problems. It’s impossible to not to remember the wonderful community we created at the Slack chat too. There were more than 25 members and most of us we were very active at the chat. It was very cool to have lot of students that are in same conditions as you and are doing same things. I liked the community mainly because we helped each other. When I had doubts for example for a Liquid Galaxy installation, I asked the question and few minutes later there were lot of answers of different students. It was lovely :)

I would like to tell my experience before contest started. I had no idea about the contest. One day, at a cool program we do at school, a kind man came to my school with the purpose of showing many Google Activities for example GCI, GSoC or a DEVFEST. I was amazed with all the activities to do. This man is one of the Liquid Galaxy administrators, so I obviously chose Liquid Galaxy for working with in the Google Code In. I started working hard since the first day. It has to be clear that GCI was at a third position, after my family or my extra activities like English or football. I was lucky because at weekdays it was more difficult to work for all activities I had. A part of the contest was at Christmas, so I worked all these days working at my room with the three computers.

When I started the contest, I wanted only to win the T-shirt, it seemed easy. Also, I liked the idea to work with the Google Earth application. Days passed and I continued doing tasks. A pretty thing I will always remember is DNSDT (Do Not Stop Doing Tasks). As these sentence means, I never stopped doing tasks when I had free time to do them. 10 days after contest started, I realised that there was a leader board for seeing the top 20 organization students with more tasks. I saw me there and I was 5 minutes loading the same page for looking if there was any problem with my name (in the contest it was Alvii_07), but there wasn’t any problem, it was real!! My effort continue all days of the contest and I didn’t lose any minute that I had.

One of my favourite parts of technology are the design, including 2d and 3d. I was (and I’m continue being) a big noob at coding. It’s one of the things to improve for next year xD. I wanted to reach 20 tasks as a final number. But with less than 25 days, I had more than 20 tasks. So, these number increased to 50. I thought I was crazy at that time. But with hard work and effort, I reached the number with 2 or 3 days left of the contest!

I liked lot of tasks during all of +50 I did during all the contest. These ones are my favourite:

-Recreate the LG original video: That task was amazing, I had to recreate the first setup video of LG created 10 years ago. For doing this, I had to install Liquid Galaxy in 3 different computers, I created an edited video and I sent it. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VIDEO.

-Create a tutorial for a task done: I decided to create the tutorial about a phone P.E.R.A. case I created. This is the DRIVE LINK to see my task, for if you want to do another case like I did.

-Create 3 new tasks: This task was very cool because it gave liberty to think any type of tasks that could be applied to other students. Fortunately, one of my tasks was at the dashboard eventually. Obviously, it was my task so I had to did it.

A recommendation for future GCI students is that: Quality over Quantity. This doesn’t mean only to do quality tasks. Never stop doing tasks (remember DNSDT) and try to do both things; quality and quantity. Take in mind that other things also count when mentors choosing winners. I’m very happy to be a Runner Up! But I would like to congrats again Dylan and Emilie (great students) and I hope you have an amazing trip to California!

Will also remember Yoda memes we did and its animation task.

Thanks to all Liquid Galaxy mentors for their help and to students; mainly the ones we were at the Slack Page, I really appreciate you! Merul, Dylan, Emilie, Janiru, Asmrvin, Tapaswini, Flevy, Mobius donut, Praveen, Qazi, RoyalChirayu, Jakub and Matej

Sergi :)
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