Estadísticas del GSoC al cierre de la entrega de propuestas (Inglés)

As April 2 Google closed the GSoC platform for proposal presentation, so we started the contributor selection process. 

Stay tuned for May 1, when Google will announce the chosen ones, and good luck to everybody who has presented a proposal. 

Here are some actual statistics: 
. 7.000+ views on our main and unique GSoC 2024 post (this one) 
. 740 interested contributors have contacted us since September 2023 for GSoC 2023
. The Liquid Galaxy project has received in the GSoC platform 37 proposals, only 5 of them spam. 
. Our community members, including contributors, mentors, and guests, have developed 30+ streamings to train you. 7 community Meets have happened also. 
. Around 1.000 emails have been exchanged in those activities.
 . Our Discord community has 700+ members. 
. Contributors that want for real to get a GSoC with us have developed 160 pre-required tasks, task 1 being the most developed. 
You can watch most of the videos presented in creating your own Liquid Galaxy with virtual machines in our GSoC post.

. And for general GSoC statistics as today: 
6,528 contributors submitted 9,107 proposals for GSoC 2024 - these are the highest numbers we’ve had in our 20 years of GSoC! We also had 43,984 folks register for the program (only 2nd to 2020 when we extended the deadline a couple of days). 

Thank you all for being an active part of this galactic community !!!!

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